Pubis Mons Reduction Manhattan NY

Pubis Mons Reduction Manhattan NY

Some patients complain that the mons pubis is very large and distinctive. That occurs after weight gain or loss, after pregnancy or because of aging. It occurs because with any of these events the skin stretches when fat accumulates. Even after weight loss the skin may remain stretched. Of course, with aging, the skin looses its tone and sags not unlike that of the neck or upper arms. There are numerous procedures to help this situation. If one has a concomitant sagging of the abdomen, a tummytuck whether a complete or mini will allow the elevation of the pubis. If the skin is not stretched and there is only fat accumulation, we recommend suction of the pubis, as one suctions any other part of the body. A patient can also opt for suction and skin reduction of the pubis through a small incision right at the junction of the pubis and the abdomen. Similar incision is done as the one for a Cesarean section.

Pubis enlargement occurs in men and women. In men it mainly occurs because of weight fluctuations and aging. Same procedures apply to male surgery.

All these procedures are done on ambulatory basis with sedation and a local anesthesia with quick recovery and minimal discomfort.

Call our office for consultation and further discussion of the alternatives suited for you.

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